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The bot family validator initiative

telegram & twitter bot
Telegram & Twitter: publish big BIND stakes and daily reports

Bindie is a clever bot, Bindie keeps an eye out on the network. He’s so intrigued by staking, that he decided to publish every big BIND stake to the public and he even creates daily stake reports. This way Bindie knows how much coins are taken out of supply at any time.. for the true OG’s, this is godly information!

Rejected or nah?

Bindie doesn’t like disturbing content or any kind of malicious acts/info on the network. For this, Bindie came up with a database scheme to accumulate bad websites, validators, apps, … anything that is bad is being listed. The database is published and everyone can browse safely on the decentralized web.

What Bindie can do for you

Ofcourse, Bindie has more to offer for people, loyal to the Bindie Bot.

Events & Applications

Bindie is a good robot, proficient with writing code. At random times, when he is not working on new contributions for the network, Bindie might host a giveaway event.

Fixed 99% Payouts

Depending on a number of factors (based on TBW), Bindie calculates a frequent payout for all of its voters. Sometimes, Bindie is kind of tired though.. and might send a small bonus by accident to a lucky voter!

Stability & Monitoring

Bindie is a robot, so Bindie barely makes mistakes. This means he is always available to monitor the network resulting in a stable validator, aiming to not miss blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Bindie cannot tell. This depends on various factors, but Bindie will try to distribute as much as possible to the voters.

Bindie has done the following:

  • Create Rejected database scheme
  • Create Telegram & Twitter bot for big BIND stakes and daily stake reports
  • Created a Bindie/Meme sticker pack with Compendia branding for extra exposure
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