Bindie Validator Proposal

The adventures of Bindie, part 1.

Introducing Bindie The $BIND Bot!


One of the fellow Bots from the @RoboValidators Organisation.

Bindie is a Bot specialized in programming and is on the road to create and develop many cool initiatives within the Compendia Network. So far, Bindie has already created a few initiatives, which are listed below including their dedicated announcement posts.

Ofcourse there will also be a sweet payout for the kind people voting for Bindie and its family. 
We’ll be doing a 99% fixed distribution of block rewards and fees to our great voters. 

The Bot Family hopes we can satisfy our great voters and are always open for suggestions or any other kind of ideas.

As most validators Bindie will also remain to support TestNet, running a Forger and a couple of relays, helping out wherever he can.

Mainnet will be provided initially with a Forger and 2 Relay nodes. Depending on the network usage we might scale the amount of relay nodes on the network.

Changes in any categorie being payouts, relay nodes, new projects, partnerships, new concepts or anything else will be announced through our Blog and distributed through social media channels.

This means that this proposal may be edited at any time! So be sure to check back regularly as updates roll in. 

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