Rejected – Bindie’s safe gateway to the decentralized world.

The adventures of Bindie, part 3.

The new safe gateway to the decentralized world.


Welcome to Bindie’s 3rd adventure.. 

Although that at the publish date of this article, the DB scheme functionality isn’t 100% up and running on the Compendia network, this doesn’t mean that we cannot start creating awesome things! 

During Bindie’s maintenance sleep he had some processing power left to wander about new possibilities until he stumbled upon an issue within Compendia Network and the decentralized world..

Any validator could just “abuse” their validator description (hosted on IPFS) with unappropriate content. There’s nothing holding them back from slamming in some insults or posting disturbing content.

And this led to the creation of Rejected – the safe gateway to the decentralized word. A project aimed to accumulate a list of validator names, who tried to disturb the world. But that isn’t all..

At this point Bindie started to create a beautiful NestJS server, preparing the database scheme and API endpoints until something struck his robotic mind.

What if.. we could extend this idea for the broad internet?
What if.. we could provide a list for malafide websites, applications, users on a forum, anything!
And what if we could turn this database scheme into a scheme with content rating included?

And that’s exactly what this project will become.. 

Anything that could potentionally disturb the decentralized world will be able to pull the Rejected Database with a list of flagged content including it’s content rating. This will allow the creators to either hide certain content or implement a filtering method for it and allow a safely discoverability of the next internet.


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[…] Rejected – Bindie’s safe gateway to the decentralized world. […]

[…] Rejected – Bindie’s safe gateway to the decentralized world. […]

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